BIG BEADZ – the big boho sister of a mala!

~ Hand-knotted double-length / double-wrap / 162 beads
~ colorful big gemstone beads meeting dark mystical rudraksha seeds
~ two guru-bead focal-points: one big lava stone, one solid handmade metal ring
~ finished off with a handmade cotton tassel, respecting the 7 chakra colors
One version rocks some multi-color bling glass-facetted beads as well.

It is shiny and matt – modern and mystical – soft and solid – bright and dark

Made to last

Fair production

Natural products

Handmade with care in Bali


Giving Back

10% of the proceeds we donate to an ECO-SCHOOL in Bali so we can support the founder, Agnes Rini Astuti, in her mission to helps underprivileged and multi-faith children and teachers get the education they deserve. Check out the project brought to life by the amazing brand Love Stories Bali here: