– Pondering one of the weekly podcast episodes of ‘abgehängt’ with George (on the left) and myself (on the right) –

Fighting fear. That’s a big one! It creates fear when I write it down.
And still it is something we have all thought about – or most likely done: conquered our fear(s) in some way or the other. Encouraged by all the oh-so-helpful inspirational quotes on social media and as advised by all the coaches, instructors and teachers on the ‚free from fear‘ self-help market.
Not saying it is not important to face your fear, know your fear, transform your fear, embrace your fear, transcend your fear, let go of your fear.
Just saying that my most successful moment in that ‚get fearless‘ realm was last week and looked quite different.
Here was my fear – showing up at the door, like it ALWAYS does. And I did, what I ALWAYS do – open the door to invite it in, so we can start playing our silly old game.
But this time, when I opened the door and looked at my fear, I was so bored by that same old face. So I shut the door right in it’s face quite effortlessly. Not today – so boring!
And guess what: I lived about 10 minutes without fear after that. Woo hoo!!