– Pondering one of the weekly podcast episodes of ‘abgehängt’ with George (on the left) and myself (on the right) –

Well, our (George’s and mine) online presence is a mess, kind of. We have no game!
And I guess we have tried a lot of the games and we follow people who play the game real good! And we look at it and we try to analyze, understand, adapt, implement.
Actually I think THAT is our game more then anything else – because whatever we choose to use and try will afterwards be killed by being doubted, ridiculed, neglected, shied away from or forgotten altogether. Just doesn’t make it to the top 10 of the priority list – ever.
And after realizing that and concluded that, to make this whole online marketing more accessible and seemingly important, it’s gotta be more individual, more authentic, more of who you really are (you know the mantra…)
Ok then, authentic sharing – no more trying to fool anybody (including yourself) with bikini handstands on the beach (was set up for failure for obvious reasons) and the greenest celery juice. In successful marketing you gotta be who you are and offer a product that matches that, they say. Duh.
Sounds so simple but what if your life does not constantly have that sizzling energy level everybody seems to post about?
George for example swears by afternoon naps. Not so easy to make instagrammable.
But let’s pair it with the right product. I’d say flat water. Big bottles of plain flat water. I’d love to see that marketing strategy followed through on social media: flat water and naps. The yawn-inducing good stuff!
Hey Volvic, looking for a sponsor here…