– Pondering one of the weekly podcast episodes of ‚abgehängt‘ with George (on the left) and myself (on the right) –

In this podcast episode we talked about one topic only – for the first time – must be important: Being a Man! Just that.
So it became like an interview situation, because I had questions: there is a man (George) sitting there, ready to talk – about them – men.
Needless to say, they are a very different species. But important to note, that they apparently – as I learned in this podcast – link everything they do to that – being a man! Like everything has a direct link to ‚Did I perform this or that like a real man?!‘ ‚Did I check all the male aspects of my to-do list?‘ „Was I the man I need and want to be today?“

I have never thought that way. I am now imagining sitting on the couch in the evening asking myself those questions
„Was I woman enough today?“ „Did I represent my womanhood the right way?“ Maybe even „Did I come across as a woman at all?“ „Do people know I am a woman or do they need a reminder – or do I?“ „Is my to-do list female enough?“ „Which female maneuver am I gonna throw out there tomorrow?“

I am afraid, I don’t have any answers to these! There is work to do!
A work only a woman can do!!